Sammy Robinson Gallery

Renowned Haisla carver’s eponymous gallery featuring artwork made of wood, silver and gold. His unique, finely-detailed style tells the story of Haisla history and culture.

416 Haisla Avenue, Kitamaat Village,


Kitimat Museum & Archives

Kitimat Museum & Archives offers displays on Kitimat’s history, Haisla arts, local flora and fauna and Douglas Channel’s sea life.

293 City Centre, Kitimat, BC,

V8C 1T6

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Blackfish Gallery

Art gallery specialized in Native art, offering a wide variety of woodwork and accessories.

650 Raven Crescent, Kitamaat Village,


Mount Elizabeth Theatre

MET is an acoustic multi-use auditorium where theatrical productions, concerts, recitals, conventions, and award ceremonies happen.

1491 Kingfisher Avenue, Kitimat, BC,

V8C 2R5