Pacific Cornerstone Baptist Church

This is a reformed baptist church located in Kitimat, BC. Memory verses and age-appropriate lessons take place during church services.

2109 Forest Ave., Kitimat, BC,

V8C 2G7

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Kitimat Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness

Kingdom Hall located in Kitimat.

134 Baxter Ave., Kitimat, BC,

V8C 2N9

Anglican Diocese of Caledonia – Christ Church

Church located in Kitimat.

1739 Gyrfalcon Ave., Kitimat, BC,

V8C 1N2

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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Church located in Kitimat.

823 Kuldo Blvd., Kitimat, BC,

V8C 1W1

Haisla United Church

Church located in Kitamaat Village.

137 Owekeno Street, Kitamaat Village, BC,

V0T 2B0

Kitimat First United Church

Church located in Kitimat.

1180 Kingfisher Ave., Kitimat, BC,

V8C 1G4