Life in Kitimat has something for everyone! Whether you’re a Newcomer, a Job Seeker, or Entrepreneur (or all three!), read more below for information on making Kitimat your home.

Support Programs

Moving someplace new can be challenging. There are excellent resources and supports available for newcomers to Kitimat, both locally and from the Province of B.C.

Settling in Checklist

Moving to a new place can be overwhelming. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make your transition to Kitimat as smooth as possible.

To DoInterprovincial NewcomerImmigrant
Register for Medical Service Plan (MSP)
Find housing
Register your vehicle with Insurance Company British Columbia (ICBC)
Purchase insurance (medical, housing, vehicle, etc)
Register your children in school
Apply for a BC driver’s licence (within the first 90 days)
Register at a family doctor
Purchase a pet licence
Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Apply for the Child Tax Benefit for children under 18 years old

Book your BC driver’s licence road test
Open a bank account

Settling in Information

Below you will find detailed relocation information and tasks to add to your to-do list as you prepare to move!

Medical Service Plan (MSP)

Are you eligible? 
Under the Medical Protection Act, enrollment with MSP is mandatory for all eligible residents and their dependents. MSP coverage is now free and you will no longer be required to pay a monthly fee. In order to enroll in MSP, you must fall under one of these four summarized categories:


  • Resident: You must live in British Columbia and be physically present in BC for at least 6 months of the calendar year
  • Dependent: Dependents of MSP beneficiaries are also eligible for coverage if they are BC residents as listed above. Dependents include:
    • Spouse
    • Child
    • Dependent post-secondary student
  • First Nations Residents: The First Nations Health Authority ( enrols and administers MSP to all Status Indians who are residents of BC.
  • Temporary Residents: Individuals who hold a study and/or work permits, working permits on working holiday programs. Permits must be valid for a minimum of 6 months.

How to apply for MSP


If you are new to Canada, apply for your MSP as soon as you arrive. Your coverage may start three months after your arrival date. Private healthcare insurance is recommended in the interim.

If you are moving from another province, you should arrange for coverage with your former medical plan during the wait period. If your family is not here yet, they need to keep their existing provincial health care. Once they arrive, you can apply to add them to your new plan.

If your MSP coverage is under a group plan through your employer, union or pension plan, please contact your group administrator for more information on applying. To obtain the MSP application forms or to apply online, visit

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits. For more information on requirements and what documents you need to apply, visit


The nearest Service Canada office to Kitimat to apply for your SIN is in Terrace:


Service Canada Centre

Address: 4630 Lazelle Avenue, Terrace

Phone number: 800-622-6232

Vehicle Registration

Before you can get licence plates and insurance for a vehicle in British Columbia, the vehicle must be registered with ICBC. Registering serves as the official record of your vehicle. It also identifies you as its owner. Register online at

BC Driver’s License

You have 90 days to switch over your licence after moving to BC. You can drive with an existing, valid licence in the interim. For more information, visit ICBC’s website.


It’s important to protect your family against unexpected challenges and ensure your assets and standard of living are maintained. Insurance is critical in reducing the stress of unforeseen circumstances and allowing you and your family to enjoy financial security.


The following insurance companies sell:

  • House and tenant insurance
  • CBC and private auto and recreational vehicle insurance
  • Business insurance

Westland Insurance 

Address: 956 Wakashan Avenue, Kitimat

Phone number: 250-639-4739



Kitimat Insurance Services 

Address: 244 City Centre

Phone number: 250-632-4485


Children Tax Benefit

The Canada child benefit (CCB) is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). It is a tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families to help with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age. The CCB may include the child disability benefit and any related provincial and territorial programs. For more information visit

Family Doctor

You can register for a family doctor via the Provincially run Health Connect Registry.


When you register, you are added to a list of people in need of a primary care provider in your community. Family doctors and nurse practitioners will use the list when they are available to accept new patients.


Registration takes less than 5 minutes. You need to provide:

  • Personal Health Number (PHN), found on your BC Services Card
  • Home address
  • Email address and phone number


More information on other health services in Kitimat is available here.

Information for Families

Is there a bus route that my kids can take to and from school?
Yes, see here for before and after school bus routes.


My child has some special needs, what kind of support will my child receive in a Kitimat preschool/daycare/school?


My family likes to stay active, are there indoor and outdoor options in Kitimat to keep us active all year round?
Kitimat is home to some of the most scenic hiking and walking trails in the Province, as well as indoor gyms, yoga studios, bike parks, a youth centre and so much more to keep active all year long. Additionally, SD82 offers many afterschool programs and clubs year-round.


We’re a very social family, what is the community like in Kitimat?
Residents of Kitimat have always been and continue to be active members of their community, showing their support through local events, fundraisers and celebrations.

Pet Owners

Are there emergency veterinary services available in Kitimat, or will I have to travel to another city for pet care?
Kitimat is home to a 24-hour emergency veterinary service, so you can take comfort in knowing help is always available for your pets.


Are my pets safe from large wildlife in Kitimat?
Answer: While less common in heavily populated areas, wildlife such as coyotes and black bears have been spotted in the Kitimat area. Bringing your pets indoors at night is the best way to ensure their safety.


Are there pet adoption options in Kitimat?
Yes, there are multiple options for pet adoption in Kitimat, including the Kitimat Humane Society and PetValu.

Remote Workers

Is Kitimat a suitable location for working remotely?
Kitimat is serviced by Canada’s top internet and mobile providers, making it a great location for remote workers. Providers for both internet and mobile services include but are not limited to Xplornet, Rogers, Shaw, CityWest, Telus cable and fibre-optic options.


How is the cell service in Kitimat?
All major Canadian mobility providers have cell coverage to Kitimat B.C. This includes Bell, Rogers and Telus, with a number of subsidiary providers also available in the region.


Am I able to purchase office supplies for my home office in Kitimat?
In addition to online options, Kitimat has office supply retailers such as Pyramid Office Supplies and Beitz Computers and Office Supplies for all your home office essentials.

Kitimat Newcomers Guide

If you’ve recently moved to Kitimat, check out the Kitimat Newcomers Guide. It contains detailed community information, from recycling to transit schedules, maps and more.